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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands

Child playing outside

About Our Setting

  • Swanmore Pre-school is situated on the grounds of Swanmore Primary School but we are separate.

  • We have been in our current, purpose-built building since January 2011, however, our pre-school has been running using various village halls and buildings for over 45 years. 

  • We operate from one main room, separated into different areas. We also have access to an enclosed free-flow outdoor play area. 

  • Our provision is registered for up to 26 children, aged 2 - 5 years old per session. We are also approved for Two-Year-Old Grants. 

  • We are able to support children with special needs and English as an additional language. 

  • Our Pre-School is a Registered Charity, managed by a voluntary Committee of parents and is a member of the Pre-School Learning Alliance.  

  • All our Staff are fully qualified in child care and we have a qualified and highly motivated Special Needs coordinator on hand when required.


Curiosity & Learning


Arts and crafts helps to develop physical development ; fine motor skills, gross motor, dexterity and coordination. All helps build key skills which support your child further down the road.

This is supported by mark making, painting, cutting, sticking and moulding play-dough.


Music helps the body and mind work together, by exposing children to music during early development supports them learning sounds and meaning of words.


Movement is our first language, our first form of communication with the outside world. It also forms the foundation of how young children engage with themselves. Fundamental physical skills provide children with essential life skills; the first touch, giggle, step and smile.

This is supported by dance, football, bikes, trikes, building towers, jumping and climbing.


Language is the tool that helps children make many connections; understanding meaning, sharing feelings and needs, connecting with others, processing new information, solving problems.

This is supported by reading stories out loud, sharing books, playing alongside other children.


Young children often use their bodies as a tool for understanding mathematical concepts such as time, space, direction and positioning.


Both a stimulating environment and adult interaction is reflected in research about children's mathematical development


Free flow play is the term used in early years to describe a style when children have the choice to move indoors and outdoors freely within their learning environment.

This allows the children to observe the changes of nature, the transformation of the elements and the interdependence of all living things, giving the child a deep sense of belonging, allowing them to fell part of the wonderful, ever changing world.

Our Aim

We aim to provide high quality Pre-School education in a stimulating and fun environment for the children in our care. 

All our efforts are directed towards preparing the children for their future at School, both intellectually and socially.

As well as providing a safe and happy environment for our children, we also attempt to continually introduce stimulating new experiences for the children in order for them to develop new skills to equip them well for their start at Primary School.

Children building an obstacle course
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